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The Contrado photo book is a great way to store your and present your photos.

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Call us on 020 8960 4567 with any questions, or use our contact form to send us an email.

How it all works

We offer a personal service. We encourage phone inquiries to discuss aspects of your book. We try and be as helpful as possible - so you are able to consult with us on the best use of your images. We contact you again at the finishing point to arrange delivery. The production of our books is completely human-moderated. We find that best results come from the direct, personal involvement of expert human beings and we want to make the best book possible.

4 steps to a perfect photo book

YOU - Step 1. You decide on the pictures you would like and which item you would like made.

YOU - Step 2. You fill in our order form online, or on paper and post. You can order online and then post the original photo too.

US - Step 3. We review your instructions and photo, bringing to your attention any concerns. You may like to discuss a particular treatment.

US - Step 4. Our expert team of art workers, printers, makers and finishers start work on your picture and then produce your item. We call you when it's ready to arrange delivery.


Making your order

Making your order online
We use worldpay, a reputable online banking transfer service. No card information is stored. Uploading your image takes place at the end of your order. You are able to make notes for each image to give any guidance required to our artworkers. We are aware that computers, and indeed the internet, can sometimes be unreliable, so in the event that your computer crashes while uploading, just give us a call and we will work out with you the best method of getting your pictures to us. We will not start the job until we have the full complement of pictures.

Sending a disk
We are well aware that digital image files can be very large - and you can have up to 80 of them! On a lot of internet connections, even broadband, it might be more sensible to send us a CD or DVD with all your files on. Name each image file where you would like them in the book: EG [page 1.jpg]. You can order online and elect to send by post, or fill out an order form and enclose disk or payment.

Your photo
As you would expect, this can make all the difference to your book. Take a good look at the image on screen. If it looks dark and fizzy, it is going to print dark and fizzy. Likewise with resolution - there is only so much we can get out of a low resolution image. If you are in doubt, why not send the image to one of our artworkers who would be happy to give you an opinion on its quality. You can contact us here and we will happily look it over.

With most modern digital cameras though, there is very little to worry about.

Contacting us We are available for discussion in standard office hours. Our friendly customer service team is very knowledgeable about our products and will help steer you in the right direction if you have any queries. We want you to have the perfect photo book!


Once your photo has been prepared and successfully printed, we start workshop production. All the items are made by hand by trained professionals with years of experience.

Every single item starts of life as raw material, flat fabric, and a pattern in our workshop, or plain uncovered book blocks.

All our products are made here in London. We make them here because we want to be able to see and monitor the production and turn them around as quickly as possible. Most products are made in 5-14 days but often we're faster.

book and tin

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