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Frequently asked questions about our photo books, some valuable information.

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We use 270gsm (or 160gsm in the small photo book) wove ivory endpapers - deluxe heavyweight smooth paper in ivory colour. Endpapers are the pages that go between the cover and book block. they hold the book into its covers.

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Photo book FAQs

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Is the photo on the cover included in these 50 or an extra one?
50 images inside book. Outside cover can be another one (inc in price)

How long does it take to produce these books
It takes us less than 14 days from receipt of your images. 7-10 days is the norm outside the busy Christmas production period (Nov and Dec).

What do you do with portrait orientated photos - do you turn these so they are landscape or do you do something else?

By default we rotate them 90 counter clockwise unless we are expressly told otherwise.

If I had a number of portrait ones that I wanted on the same page, would I join them together into one image and then save that?

If you do the work and collage images into one pic that counts as one pic.

I may also want to order up to 4 books the same, is there any discount on this and how much longer would it take?
yes we do discount volume orders. Please contact us with your requirements.

Is it printed on gloss or matt paper? Can you print on cream paper?
We print the book pages on a silk white paper.

Will it smudge if I touch it with my fingers?

No the image is secure under normal use conditions.

Does the print degrade with time?
The images are likely to last a lifetime.

What is book cloth?

This is a deluxe cover cloth we use with a special print treatment to cover the case of the book. Book cloth is the strongest way to ensure the cover does not tear at the hinge. It also means the book has a fabric feel finish for a real stylish touch.

How good do my photographs have to be?
If from a digital camera set if high res then all you images will be safe for this process. We will contact you if if images are unprintable but please note we print what you submit.

Are camera phone images alright?
They are generally small files - but if you can put up with slightly grainy images they may work ok. We have worked with them before and on smaller items are passable.

What happens if I submit portrait images?
We will assume you want them rotated and printed across the page so you would turn the book to see the full pic.

Can I have it printed black and white?
Yes we can turn to black and white for free.

What resolution shall I prepare my photos at?

240 dpi at full size per page. Aspect ratio is 3:2 or there abouts (A4). If you don't know anything about this, don't worry - we'll watch over this for you.

Is same picture printed on front and back?
Pictures are on both sides as standard. You can have a different picture on front and back, but we charge extra for this.

Where is page 1?
1st right hand side is page 1. Page 2 is on reverse of page 1. Pages 2 and 3 would be a dbl page spread.

How many pages can they hold?
approx 100 sides but we could get up to 150 sides - but don't forget we charge extra for beyond set levels.

Who owns copyright in the photo book?

You must have the necessary rights for all content included in your photo book. Contrado Imaging Limited is a personalised photo book printing company, not a publishing company and does not own copyright in any of the photo books or their contents. Copyright in the content lies with the person who created the image or took the photograph.

What is your Cancellation and Replacements Policy?

Book production begins immediately after submitting an order, therefore cancellations cannot be made or be refunded. Replacements will only be made for books suffering defects due to manufacture, provided that the book is returned to us within 14 days of receipt. Should you believe that your photo book is faulty due to manufacture please call us to arrange the return.

Photo books are subject to customer generated mistakes including spelling, typographical or grammatical mistakes, low image quality. Customer generated mistakes will not be replaced. A common sense way to judge if your photo is adequate is to enlarge it on your computer screen to the approximate size of the book pages you are ordering. If it looks good on screen it will print in the same way. Note we receive all kinds of photos from peoples camera phones which are tiny files to professional photographer photos that are immense. Once an order is submitted we produce what we are given.


Other useful information
Advanced artworking instructions   photo book facts


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